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If you've meet me you would know I'm a talkative person. I find photography to be the more silent part of me. So I will not bore you with the details about how photography came to be part of my life as I can talk for hours about it.

Here is the short version.

I first got my hands on a DSLR during my stay in London as a tool to document my experiences there. I started to grow curious about what it means to be a wedding photographer during that same period and luckily I got my chance to experience it first hand. Wow... was it hard! Some people don't believe this, but wedding photography is a hard SPORT.

Why a sport you ask? After spending 19 hours looking through a peep hole, trying to be creative while doing sit ups at the same time you will understand why. Oh dear, my whole body was sore the following day. But I knew then and there: this is what I want to do for the rest of my life or as long as my own two hands can hold a camera still.

The learning curve in this field is ongoing and it will never stop, you can only become a 'teacher' if you retire, but as long as you are an active photographer you will remain a student. The real teachers that I've met are the couples and the families that I've photographed. So I truly hope this learning curve will never end.

What I want from MYSELF? To be a 80 year old photographer photographing a lovely wedding somewhere in the world with as much passion and dedication as I do now.

What I want from YOU? I want you to trust me. Trust that I will capture YOUR STORY to the best of my abilities.

Your Photographer friend,

Tudor Popa

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